A mission trip isn’t a vacation or a feel-good experience for you to brag to your friends about. It’s just what it sounds like —a trip with a specific mission. According to Scripture, the mission isn’t necessarily giving handouts to the poor or even aiding long-term missionaries in their work. It’s about sharing the gospel, sharing His grace.
— Mia Wright

Our Mission Team

On Sunday, August 6, 2017, We Can-Cer vive! will return to the central highlands of Tegucigalpa, Honduras for 6 days on a medical mission trip .

We are so excited!

The purpose of this mission team is to strengthen cancer care medical centers in low-resource and underserved countries. We anticipate treating as many as 300 men, women, and children affected by various cancers, however, focusing on woman affected by breast cancer and gynecologic cancers.

This trip is being funded entirely through donations and by those participating in this mission trip. Everything that will be used on the trip -this includes all of the medical supplies, medicines, syringes, bandages, equipment, etc.- must be taken with us.

We are excited about the opportunity to serve and minister, and ask you to join us in ministry. We are seeking your support and prayers for this mission trip.



Mia Wright is the President and Founder of We Can-Cer vive! and a three-time ovarian cancer survivor. She candidly shares her life experiences through inspirational story telling, motivational speaking, and as a cancer advocate.


      Christopher mccrae

Christopher McCrae is an Advisory Board Member of and Brain Cancer Ambassador for We Can-Cer vive!. He uses his mantra "Everyday is a good day!"  to encourage everyone around him